Earth in Concert: Protecting the Planet through Music

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Today our planet faces many challenges. As we lose important species every year, we also lose their unique contributions to their ecosystems, and the diversity of life on our planet—called biodiversity—shrinks. Scientists and environmentalists around the world are working in creative ways to protect biodiversity and ensure a healthy planet now and for future generations. Some very dedicated and concerned musicians are also helping.

The California Science Center, the GRAMMY Museum, and Global Wildlife Conservation have partnered to create a one-of-a-kind exhibit that examines the status of the Earth’s biodiversity, while exploring how artists like Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley, Willie Nelson, Sting, and Pharrell Williams have helped raise awareness of the global issues that present threats to our planet. Through original compositions, unique footage, and personal artifacts from well-known musicians, as well as multimedia and interactive exhibits, Earth in Concert: Protecting the Planet through Music examines Earth’s ecosystems and the health of biodiversity in our oceans, grasslands and forests.

Some things you'll do:

  • Discover the diversity of species that settle on tropical coral reefs
  • Help complete a new composition by musician Jack Johnson about reducing plastic pollution in the ocean to inspire others to action
  • Listen to animal calls and match the sounds to the species that made them, just like real ecologists do to explore biodiversity
  • Use sounds of nature to compose a wild symphony and discover how positive action works to keep the Earth in Concert

Earth in Concert is made possible by the Sangreal Foundation and Brian & Adria Sheth in partnership with the GRAMMY Museum, Global Wildlife Conservation and the California Science Center.

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