The GRAMMY Museum aims to educate individuals about the history and cultural significance of American music, and to inspire the next generation to explore and create new forms of music using the roots that have existed in this country for centuries.  The Museum accomplishes this through innovative programming, cutting-edge interactives, and exciting exhibitions.


The large and colorful Crossroads table greets guests on the fourth floor, inviting them to explore more than 160 genres of music. Once a genre of interest is selected, it opens to reveal photos, songs and stories that describe the music and its impact. In turn, each genre reveals connections to others, inviting guests to experience familiar sounds in new ways, and new sounds in exciting ways.

Songwriters Hall Of Fame Gallery

Songwriters Hall of Fame Gallery features video highlights from the annual Songwriters Hall of Fame (SHOF) Awards & Induction Dinners, an information kiosk of SHOF inductees and honorees, and samples of handwritten lyrics.

Enduring Traditions

Four Enduring Traditions pods, lined with unique artifacts and oversized imagery, beckon guests to explore the history of some of America’s most significant musical traditions: pop, folk, sacred, classical, blues, and jazz. Inside, vintage footage and interviews with a broad spectrum of musical artists capture the essence of the music. 

Music Epicenters

Spread across a curved wall, a map of the continental United States flashes, drawing guests attention to Music Epicenters. Using dynamic touch screens, guests can explore the times and places where the sounds of American music have changed, and learn about the nation’s rich and varied musical legacies. 

Culture Shock

Against a backdrop of some of modern music’s most revolutionary figures, an audiovisual timeline reveals the past half-century. As you explore Culture Shock, the frequently heated intersection of music and the broader culture is revealed, telling some of society’s most compelling stories, and spurring critical thinking.

Revolutions of Recorded Sound

Containing a combination of artifacts, interactive audio, and historical imagery, Revolutions of Recorded Sound takes guests on a journey of recorded sound, from the dusty cylinders of the 19th century to the surround sound of the present. Highlighting the most significant leaps forward, this exhibit demonstrates the ways in which technology has changed not only what we hear, but how and where we hear it. Adjacent, a custom sound experience invites you to enter. Select a track, and listen as Playback: From Mono to Surround takes you from 1877 to today in the course of a song.

In the Studio

The capstone of a Museum visit, In the Studio is an exciting group of interactive experiences, offering a breadth of unmatched access and opportunity. Spread across eight self-contained pods, each offering a different experience, this exhibit uses touch-screen interactivity and one-of-a-kind film footage to take guests inside the recording process. Meeting and assisting visitors on their journey are some of music’s most famous and significant producers, engineers, and recording artists. Drawn from a wide variety of eras and genres, they guide guests through a distinct activity common to the recording process. Just like in a real studio, guests will hear the consequences of the creative and technical choices they make, and experience firsthand the challenge and satisfaction of making great music.

Roland LIVE

Roland LIVE gives visitors a chance to participate in the music making process. By playing electronic musical instruments, guests will have the opportunity to explore and think critically about how today’s music is crafted. 

History of the GRAMMY Awards

Gathers together some of the most significant, exciting — and occasionally outrageous — stories from the Awards’ half-century of history.

On the Red Carpet Presented by Delta

Showcases some of the GRAMMY Awards’ most memorable outfits.


Highlights The Latin Recording Academy, the sister organization of The Recording Academy, which produces the Latin GRAMMY Awards.  Unique artifacts and footage from past Awards shows tell the story of the Latin GRAMMYs.

Great GRAMMY Performances

This rotating program spans 50 years and multiple genres to showcase some of the most unforgettable GRAMMY footage — much of it rarely seen in public.

Clive Davis Theater

Located on the second floor of the Museum, the Clive Davis Theater is an intimate, state-of-the-art 200-seat theater. On a daily basis, the theater plays a film that coincides with the exhibit on the second floor.  Theater is subject to close due to private events. Please call before visiting.


The GRAMMY Museum occasionally accepts artifacts through donation and bequest. Please note that the Museum accepts only items that truly fill a gap in the collections and only after careful consideration by the Museum’s Curatorial Team.

If you are interested in donating, please send an email inquiry to [email protected] including a description of the object, copies of associated information (bill of sale, family or object history, etc.), and a photograph of the object. If the Museum is interested in accepting your donation, museum staff will notify you and discuss the next steps. If the Museum cannot accommodate the donation, we will do our best to recommend a more appropriate museum or repository which can effectively use the object.

Thank you for your continued interest and support!

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