Bob Dylan: Photographs by Daniel Kramer

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Daniel Kramer’s photographs of Bob Dylan document Bob Dylan’s metamorphosis from folk musician to rock & roll icon. Curated by the GRAMMY Museum, the exhibit features more than 50 of Kramer’s iconic photographs made during 1964 and 1965 when Dylan changed the world of popular music. Included are the recording sessions for Bringing It All Back Home, the now famous going-electric concert at Forest Hills Stadium, and private moments of the singer/songwriter who is, for many, the poet laureate of their time. These seminal pictures of Bob Dylan not only revealed the rising young star to international audiences, they set a standard by which all other rock portraits would be judged.

Kramer is a New York City-based photographer and film director whose portraits and picture stories have been published worldwide in major national and international magazines, books, and on numerous album covers.  His film work encompasses documentaries, commercials and educational films.  Kramer’s subjects include artists, writers, musicians, athletes, political figures and business people.  Kramer’s photographs are widely collected and exhibited. Born in Brooklyn, he lives in New York City.

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