Spotlight: LP

The GRAMMY Museum is pleased to welcome the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter-artist LP to the Clive Davis Theater. Fueled by a contagious, pure love of performing, LP's stage presence is inherently powerful with a free-flowing, infectious confidence honed through her years of touring. Her voice is instantly ear catching, a natural instrument of power and grace. While writing songs for other artists such as Rihanna and Christiana Aguilera was rewarding, LP's most natural habitat is on stage. It was playing the L.A. club gigs that reenergized LP's desire to write songs for herself as a solo artist. Her song Into the Wild has already captured the attention of many and has tantalized ears in its use in a Citibank Card TV commercial. Esquire Magazine has singled out LP as one of 2012's rising stars, adding its voice to a growing, global legion of fans. All this comes even before the release of her Warner Bros. Records debut live EP, let alone full album. After an interview with Vice President of the GRAMMY Foundation and MusiCares Scott Goldman, LP will take audience questions and perform a selection of songs.