Routes Jukebox: The Documentary

Presented by LIMF

'Routes Jukebox: The Documentary’ explores the roots and routes of the music and sounds that took Liverpool to the apex of the music world.

Commissioned as part of Liverpool International Music Festival 2015, ’Routes Jukebox: The Documentary’, tells the story of the ever-evolving Liverpool music scene since the 1940s and its influences and connection with other music cities such as New York, Detroit, Nashville and Kingston. From the influx of Gaelic sounds and rhythms that came to the city with the mass Irish migration to the importing of Rock N Roll records from the United States via the historic Cunard line to the rise of Merseybeat, Punk and House Music, ’Routes Jukebox’ touches on the various social and cultural factors that led to the creation of such an prolific and enduring music scene. Additionally, the documentary touches on the stories of the oft-forgotten links between Liverpool music and Motown and Reggae.

'Routes Jukebox: The Documentary’ features contributions by Lamont Dozier, Rob Stone, James Barton, Steve Levine, Rebecca Ferguson, Dean Fraser, Paul Du Noyer and many more.

Executive Producer: Yaw Owusu
Director / Producer: Jernice Easthope