Ringo’s Beatles Kits and Gear

GRAMMY Museum Member Event

In all of the years since The Beatles, there has never been an accurate undertaking to clearly document the details of Ringo's Beatles kits. In June of 2013, Gary Astridge had the distinct honor of handling and documenting two of Ringo's Beatles kits, and his Ludwig gold plated snare drum, for our popular exhibit, Ringo: Peace & Love. This included being the first person since Mal Evans, the Beatles road manager and trusted friend, to set up Ringo's The Ed Sullivan Show and Let It Be kits.  Since that time, Astridge has been involved in other related projects and has now documented all of Ringo's Beatle kits.  Currently, Astridge is involved in implementing a plan to organize, preserve and securely store each iconic kit for history and their future placement in a museums and other cultural institutions. Astridge has spent countless hours reading books and magazines, scrutinizing thousands of photos and has spoken to people who are knowledgeable in vintage drums, as well as people with a Beatles/Ringo connection.  In addition to learning from vintage collectors and Ringo drum enthusiasts, his primary source of information has been photographs. Detailed forensic analysis of photos has played a key role in providing information that verifies specific drums and hardware and gives a timeline.  Please join us, on the final day of the Ringo: Peace & Love exhibition run, for a member-exclusive event, featuring an audio/visual presentation with Astridge.