Reel to Reel: An Evening With Tyler Bates

With more than 49 films and 17 years scoring movies, film composer Tyler Bates is at the forefront of innovation in film music. From the early stages in his career composing low-budget films, to creating music for movies like Zack Snyder's battle epic 300, which embodies orchestral and choral themes with a rock n' roll attitude to the new Warner Bros. soundtrack for Conan The Barbarian, which will be released on August 16, Bates continuously provides ambient electronic textures, intoxicating vocal melodies and driving hypnotic rhythms. His work has appeared in countless movies and television shows; The Day the Earth Stood Still, Showtime's hit series Californication, Dawn of the Dead, Halloween, Slither and The Devil's Rejects. He's also composed for numerous videogames such as Army of Two: The 40th Day, Activision's Transformers, and the 300 and Watchmen games. Currently, Bates is generating some of the most exceptional scores, consistently finding fresh ways to unite the emotional with the abstract and the organic with the electronic. Bates will engage in a discussion with the GRAMMY Museum's Executive Director Bob Santelli regarding his career and the process of writing pieces for films. Along with the discussion, he will take questions from the audience and instruct a live composing demonstration.