Peter Tork’s In This Generation: My Life in the Monkees and so much more

The Monkees’ Peter Tork skyrocketed to fame in 1966, but the stories and musical heritage of this gifted, articulate musician and storyteller have remained unheard --and unseen-- until now. Still breaking new ground in a five-decade career, Peter Tork lifts the veil on stage with In This Generation: My Life in the Monkees and so much more. Previously unseen photos and footage, unheard songs and hits fans know and love come together powerfully and gracefully as Tork weaves the tale of a musical education in folk and pop that culminates with his early years as a performer in the clubs of Greenwich Village. But it is a move to California, and a recommendation by friend Stephen Stills, that leads Tork to audition for a part in a TV series. This multi-media experience brings to life onstage the roller coaster ride of blistering TV ratings, concert tours, recording sessions and magazine covers that soon followed. Reissue producer and writer Andrew Sandoval, who has overseen the legacy of the Monkees for over 20 years and arranged their acclaimed 2011 and 2012 tours, is producing the show alongside Peter.