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Masters of Resonance

Featuring a Post-Screening Conversation with Jeremy Bout, John Good, and Paul Wertico from the Pat Metheny Group

Storyteller and Founder of Edge Factor, Jeremy Bout once believed that a drum was a glorified pail with a lid on it. All drum kits sound the same if you hit them with a keen sense of rhythm, right? Then he met John Good, Co-Founder of DW Drums and realized, “Boy, was I wrong." The innovation, craftsmanship, and sheer brilliance behind the science of drum making inspired Jeremy and the filmmakers at Edge Factor to share the legacy of John and the DW team, in the music documentary film Masters of Resonance. This film takes you on a journey from the forest to the stage and pulls back the curtain on drum making. It begins with sustainably harvesting the wood in the forests of Michigan, then shows the design, manufacturing, and painting operations in the DW Drums factory. The finished product is revealed, as completed drum kits are played by many of the biggest names in the music industry. Rush drummer Neil Peart, beautifully captures the message of the film when he asks, “What could be more transcendent than a musical instrument?” It’s the team’s unending pursuit of excellence, willingness to embrace failure to find solutions and the dedication of each team member that empowers DW Drums to create objects that live forever in the music they create.

The film stars Jeremy Bout from Edge Factor, John Good and Don Lombardi from DW Drums, Neil Peart from Rush, Tommy Clufetos from Black Sabbath, Paul Wertico from the Pat Metheny Group, Duncan Phillips from Newsboys, Cobus Potgieter, and makers from DW Drums. Please join us for this special screening followed by a conversation with Jeremy, John, and drummer Paul Wertico, moderated by GRAMMY Museum Artistic Director Scott Goldman.