The Drop: Iron & Wine

Sam Beam, better known by his stage name, Iron & Wine, is now 15 years into his music career and still exploring new and original sounds, all while staying true to his Southern folk roots. His latest album, Beast Epic (Aug. 25), is Beam’s sixth studio album and fourth on Sup Pop Records. Receiving glowing reviews from Pitchfork and Consequence of Sound, among others, Beast Epic is poised to continue the success Iron & Wine has grown to know. Prior to Beast Epic, Iron & Wine released five studio albums, numerous EPs, several singles, along with contributions to various film scores and soundtracks, including In Good Company, Garden State and Twilight. Throughout his career, Beam has used poetic and meaningful lyrics to appeal to his fans, which are now more visible being backed by a more simplistic style. His latest album resembles that of his earlier music, with simple harmonies, acoustic guitar, and rustic piano tones. Following the release of several albums that featured a bigger sound with more instruments and musicians, Beam felt it was time to draw it back a bit and return to the sound that expressed him more personally. With the theme of the album revolving around the idea of time itself and growing up, it seems only appropriate that this would be his first album released in his 40s. Beast Epic is presented as a culmination of the work he’s done and learned from, bringing his career full circle. The GRAMMY Museum is thrilled to welcome Iron & Wine to the Clive Davis Theater for an intimate conversation regarding his brand-new album, followed by a live performance featuring new songs. The evening will be hosted by Executive Director Scott Goldman.