Homegrown: The 88

The latest installment of Homegrown brings us the Los Angeles-based pop/rock/alternative band The 88. A band like The 88 surfaces far too rarely in the music scene today. Fans of The 88 are as eclectic and widespread as their music, thanks to catchy, pop hooks and irresistible melodies. A reputation for contagious, high-energy performances has earned the attention of many industry peers, leading to opening slots with major acts such as Ray Davies, Smashing Pumpkins, the B-52s, The Flaming Lips, Matt Costa, Rilo Kiley, and Elliott Smith, to name a few. Yet, their accomplishments surpass the boundaries of the music industry, as hit television programs, films, and commercials have also jumped aboard The 88 bandwagon. The band recently captured the interest of Apple when they recorded the single Love Is The Thing entirely on an iPhone, using the FourTrack application and chronicling the process on YouTube. Last year, The 88 toured the UK for the first time with Ray Davies, while also finding time to produce and record their fifth, self-titled studio album. As impressive as their journey has been so far, Keith Slettedahl (vocals & guitar), Adam Merrin (keyboards), Anthony Zimmitti (drums), and Todd O'Keefe (bass) continue to evolve as a progressive and innovative force in an ever-changing musical landscape.