Reel to Reel: El Camino Más Largo

On Nov. 11, 2010 Enrique Bunbury performed before of a sold-out Azteca Stadium (Mexico), becoming the first Spanish solo artist to gather 90,000 people — in Latin America — in just one night. A few months later, Bunbury would face a new challenge by embarking on a fascinating North American, coast-to-coast tour in the company of his new band, his wife and his cat. The tour will find him playing in unexpected places. What in the beginning seemed like a passionate attempt to conquest a new audience and market, becomes an unexpected journey inside Bunbury's pursuit of his dreams and shadows, defying every new mile as if it was the last one. In the new film El Camino Más Largo, director Alexis Morante gives an unprecedented look behind the scenes of Bunbury's 2010 U.S. tour — a defining moment in his career.