An Evening With Public Enemy

Their messages are as urgent and compelling as ever, their performances just as electrifying. And now, during their 25th anniversary, they show no signs of slowing down. Please join us as we welcome Hip-Hop pioneers Public Enemy to The Clive Davis Theater. A group whose musical style and incendiary delivery have earned them critical acclaim and millions of fans throughout their career, Public Enemy continues to blaze musical and technological trails with new songs and new media, pulling rap music into the future, all while keeping its musical roots firmly intact. Public Enemy transcends the confines of rap and pop music, remaining one of the African American community's most important messengers, digital music's greatest champions and a rare rap group whose lyrics are dedicated to analyzing, uplifting and empowering all of humanity. Hear the group on stage, along with GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli, discuss their monumental career. A Q & A session will follow the interview.