An Evening with Noel Paul Stookey

Having recorded over 45 albums, singer/songwriter Noel Paul Stookey has been altering both the musical and ethical landscape of this country and the world for decades—both as the "Paul" of the legendary Peter, Paul, and Mary and as an independent musician. Funny, irreverently reverent, thoughtful, compassionate... his vocal sound is known all across this land. Raised in the Midwest, he played electric guitar in his high school Rock'n'Roll band and hung out at an R&B record shop. At 20, he moved to New York City, looking for independence, but found "Peter" and "Mary" and a career that took on a life of its own, with their first album at the top of the charts for two years. Since then, he has performed in intimate coffeehouses, at the White House and in massive stadiums. Hosted by GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli, hear Stookey speak about his prolific songwriting career, the iconic Wedding Song, his eternally fresh musical outlook and the making of his most recent album, One And Many, which once again revealed his gift for connecting diverse contemporary concerns to inspired musical performances. Additionally, Stookey will take audience questions and perform a selection of songs.