The Drop: 3x4: The Bangles, The Three O’Clock, The Dream Syndicate, & Rain Parade

At the dawn of the ’80s, The Bangles (then just known as The Bangs), The Dream Syndicate, The Three O’Clock (originally called the Salvation Army), and Rain Parade were all new bands in Los Angeles who formed the core of the small yet influential Paisley Underground scene. In 2013, the four ensembles got back together to share the bill at L.A.’s Fonda Theatre for a charity concert. The show went so well and everybody had so much fun that Danny Benair (The Three O’Clock), Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), and Vicki Peterson (The Bangles) started talking about doing some type of album to celebrate their Paisley Underground beginnings. The idea quickly formed that each band would cover one song by the other three bands, resulting in the terrific twelve-song collection succinctly entitled 3 x 4: The Bangles, The Three O'Clock, The Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade.

To celebrate the release of this new album, the GRAMMY Museum will welcome members of all four bands to the Museum’s Clive Davis Theater for an intimate conversation and performance. The evening will begin with a conversation moderated by Scott Goldman, in which tracks from the album will be played aloud and discussed. Following the discussion, each of the four bands will perform one song from the album.