Our City and Nature

In Conjunction with Earth in Concert: Protecting the Planet Through Music

The GRAMMY Museum in partnership with Global Wildlife Conservation, is proud to offer a multi-week program bringing local musicians and students together to compose an entirely original piece of music which explores the unique urban ecosystems in select cities across the country. This course is malleable and can be fit into various classroom formats. The program can be taught alongside an existing course unit, or taught as a complete and direct replacement for several Common Core English Language Arts standards.

Program Objectives:

  • Inspire environmental awareness through observation and research of local urban ecosystems.
  • Facilitate scientific and creative thinking via guided and inspired nature journaling.
  • Teach fundamental songwriting techniques
  • Create experiential learning opportunities
  • Write original lyrics about the unique ecosystems found in cities across the United States

Central Theme:

“The Urban Ecosystem”. Students will explore this theme through individual research, group discussion, and guided creative writing prompts. These investigations shall be the foundation for the creation of original lyrics.

Download the Our City and Nature Curriculum and use curriculum password: grammynature