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Members, EXPRESS YOURSELVES! In appreciation of your Member support, we want to support YOU! The Membership Department is pleased to announce an exclusive new program, dedicated to showcasing our very talented Members. Member MUSIC is about featuring Museum Members who create and/or perform original music. Throughout the year, we will be showcasing different Member musicians and producers, telling their stories and sharing their music. Developing a common space for our Members to share their talent, support one another and recognize creativity is at the heart of the Museum’s educational mission. With enough support from our Member community, these features will culminate in our very own Member concert in The Clive Davis Theater. 

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To submit for Member MUSIC consideration, you must be a current Museum Member and provide: artist photo, bio, website and/or link(s) to original tracks. Selected Members will be notified a month in advance of their feature. Please direct questions and submissions directly to the Membership Department at: 213.765.6800 or

Featured Artist November 2013

Julian Lennon

The GRAMMY Museum is honored to feature an influential musician and humanitarian for the next chapter of Member MUSIC. Born April 8, 1963 in Liverpool to iconic Beatles rocker John Lennon and Cynthia Lennon, Julian was destined for a prominent life in the arts. His creative passions have led to charity work, photography, documentary production and 5 studio albums and one 'collection'.

Julian Lennon’s sensitive and poetic vision of life courses through his exquisite photography, philanthropic pursuits, and his acclaimed music. His debut, Valotte (Atlantic), yielded two top ten hits—the title track and "Too Late for Goodbyes”— and was GRAMMY nominated for “Best New Artist.” He went on to have multiple #1 singles on the U.S. album rock charts. Internationally, one of his most popular songs “Saltwater” charted successfully around the world, topping in Australia for four weeks and reached #6 in the UK.

In 2007, Julian founded the global environmental and humanitarian organization The White Feather Foundation. This year WFF is focusing on clean water projects, providing clean, sanitized water to those in need. In 2008 the foundation won the ‘Better World Environment’ award. You can sign up for the WFF newsletter to receive information about ways to help including upcoming events like charity auctions.

Julian also produced the compelling documentary whaledreamers that was shown at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival and earned 8 International Film Festival Awards. As a renowned photographer, Julian has garnered many outstanding reviews for his iconic images. Click here to take a tour of Julian’s unique photography perspective.

On June 4th Julian Lennon returned with his first album in 15 years, the stunning Everything Changes (Music From Another Room), a masterwork of powerfully vulnerable and sophisticatedly accessible adult pop. We hope you enjoy exploring his positive and dynamic vision that has touched so many lives for the better through music, photography and charity.

Featured Artists September 2013 

Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion

September welcomes not 1, but 2 featured Member Musicians as the talented duo of Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion release their latest album Wassaic Way. After marrying in 1999 Guthrie and Irion combined their musical backgrounds (Guthrie, granddaughter of Woody Guthrie & Irion, grandson of a violinist and tenor singer) and talents to form a versatile singer-songwriter group. On August 6th 2013 they released their 3rd album Wassiac Way, demonstrating their broad range in musical capabilities.
Guthrie was introduced to music early on in life. While serving as her father’s road manager in the late 90’s, she decided to pick up on acoustic guitar. With help from her dad Arlo Guthrie, she was writing music and playing guitar in no time. While growing up in South Carolina, Irion joined several bands as a teenager. His band Dillon Fence played as the opener for rock band The Black Crowes, he then became friends with lead singer Chris Robinson. Through this tie, Irion would go on to meet his soon to be wife Guthrie. After teaming up to create a couple folky rock and country albums, including an award winning children’s album, they would reach out for help from members of Wilco to create their most transitional record to date.

The title Wassaic Way derives from a train station on the Metro North out of New York City, their outlet to the city. Wassaic is an Indian term which means, the land that’s hard to access. Accessing a new creative production experience, the title relates to their drive for a better quality album. Individual writing process between the two allowed for ultimate lyrical capability. They utilized the infamous Loft in Chicago ran by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy & Patrick Sansone. Tweedy’s masterful production combined with Sanstone’s instrumental genius helped Guthrie & Irion access a new type of music they had yet preformed. The atmosphere at The Loft created a family feeling, uniting and working towards an exciting and unique album.
Wassiac Way was released on August 6th by Route 8 Records. You can purchase Sarah and Johnny’s latest album on and iTunes. For tour dates or to hear tracks by the group visit their website. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter & MySpace.

Featured Member August 2013

Asha Puthli

The GRAMMY Museum’s latest Member musician’s unique creativity and beauty has led her to experience more than most dare to dream. Asha Puthli currently resides in Florida, but globally she has been just about everywhere, originating in her birth place of Bombay, India. She is praised as an actress, singer, songwriter, fashion icon and pioneer of a jazz, funk, disco, and electronica sound. Her music has been sampled by many A-list musicians leading to hit tracks. This Avant-Garde trailblazer was so ahead of her time that the now popular electronica fusion keeps her voice and beats in high demand. This August the GRAMMY Museum is featuring Indian music in our latest installment of - I Love LA: Celebrating Los Angeles’ Musical Melting Pot. Asha has graciously loaned the Museum some amazing artifacts currently on display in the Museum's lobby.

Growing up, Asha listened to American pop and jazz via the radio she had at her home in India. Her training in classical Indian singing combined with jazz knowledge provided her with a tantalizing 4 octave soprano voice. Her talents motivated her to move to the United States to pursue jazz. She was soon discovered by Columbia Records producer John Hammond who matched her with American sax player and composer Ornette Coleman. She performed with Coleman on his famous Science Fiction album. Asha was then thrust into the spotlight, gaining her a shared title of “Best Female Jazz Vocalist” at the Downbeat Critics Poll. She went on to release several solo albums under CBS Records.

While making music, Asha was also deep in the Avant Garde, Glam and Disco scene of New York in the 1970’s. As a headliner at Studio 54 she was visible to all, her hip and unconventional image was idealized by other famous artists. She has been photographed by Mick Rock & Andy Warhol, beautified by makeup artist Pierre LaRoche and a muse for designers such as Manolo Blahnick. During this time she was compelled to give acting a shot, starring in films such as Savages & The Gang That Sold America.Asha,_Member_MUSIC.jpgAsha has such a unique sound, leaving her label baffled as to which demographic to promote her to. Her sound cannot be categorized by one genre; it magnetizes just about everyone. Her hit song "Space Talk" is sampled in many hip hop songs by rappers like 50 Cent, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, The Notorious B.I.G and Redman. She holds co-publishing credits with Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, The Neptunes and many more.  In August of 2006, Asha headlined a Central Park Summer Stage performing arts festival. Recently, she has been keeping busy with a variety of projects. A Jazz tribute is currently in progress, featuring Duke Ellington, Cy Coleman, Lionel Hampton and Ornette Coleman, the music legends she knew and worked with. She will be included in a new exhibition this December, curated by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center entitled- Beyond Bollywood: Indian Americans Shape the Nation, which will debut at the National Museum of National History. She is also finishing up a vocal exercise album for children and adults suffering from Presbylaryngis, a project that hits close to home, as she too has suffered from this complication.

Asha has traveled around the world displaying her creativity and insight to alternative music and culture. The opportunities created by her talent have allowed her to experience so much. She has been compared to Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin for her vocal mastery, and compared to Madonna for pushing the envelope and to Blondie and Kylie Minogue as one of the first glam femme pop artists but it is Asha's voice and talent that sets her apart as a true original artist. You can listen to Asha on her iTunes page, Youtube, her website or purchase her music on CD Baby.

Featured Member June 2013

Grant Cihlar

This month, our featured musician hails from the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Born and raised on the outskirts of the “Windy City”, Grant Cihlar was introduced to music at a young age. He began his involvement in the arts as an experimental filmmaker and guitarist. Later, he went on to attend Northern Illinois University (NIU), earning a degree in film and business. After college Grant found himself serving as active manager and guitarist for numerous bands, touring all over the world. One band even performed for (USO) tours, giving back to soldiers and their families serving overseas. After taking a gig as lead guitarist for Tim Scott (Geffen Records) it seemed Grant would be involved in music for the rest of his life.
In 1986, Grant packed his bags and headed for Los Angeles in search of greater opportunity. Two years later he combined his editing and production skills with his musical talent to found 1171 Production Group of Hollywood, CA . After 15 solid years in business, 1171 Production Group serves as a video production powerhouse. Working with every genre of film he has produced music videos, documentaries, television, digital content and independent films. 1171 Production Group has produced music videos for Ringo Starr, Pantera, Sister Hazel, Counting Crows, Eminem, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, Smokey Robinson and many more. His commercial productions have allowed him to collaborate with big names like Nicolas Cage and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
In 2005, Grant’s company produced a feature-length documentary, Infamy, based on Graffiti Culture through the eyes of 6 well known artists. Infamy is distributed on DVD by Image Entertainment. Since then he has grown his production company to be known as an international leader in music marketing. With much experience, 1171 Production Group continues to grow every year as many projects are developing and due for theatrical and television release. 1171 Production Group is a staple of Grant Chilar’s talent and success, allowing him to release his creative and musical genius through custom projects reaching across the globe.
Grant’s father passed away in 2008, which got him thinking he wanted to start playing music again. In 2010, The Other Mules was formed by Grant and guitar player Kevin Merrill. They met while performing as regulars at LA’s oldest Jazz club, Babe’s & Ricky’s Inn. This famous establishment was a venue where many Jazz icons performed, such as B.B. King and T-Bone Walker. Known to be a rockin’ blues band their sound can to be compared to the likes on Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. Members include Kingfish on lead vocals and bass, Kevin on Lead Guitar and vocals, Todd on drums and vocals and Grant on slide guitar. As a mash of Delta Blues and urban groove, The Other Mules will keep you energized as you tap your feet to the beat. The sound of instruments is electrifying and Kingfish’s voice is distinct, never to be forgotten.
You can listen to The Other Mules songs on their website or see them live at the Irvine Lake Blues Festival, Saturday August 24th. In October, the band will be traveling to the Netherlands to play in the 5th Annual Blues Festival at Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands as well as The Shack in Ode Meer, NL. When Grant is not playing with The Other Mules, you can find him playing slide guitar for Trenda Fox a Country/Blues soul singer.
Music has brought Grant wonderful opportunities. He is a voting member of The Recording Academy, plays slide guitar in his own band, traveled the world playing music as well as producing videos. Grant is a great example of the power of music and how it can be carried out through someone’s life. Whether it’s personal or professional Grant finds a way to entertain through his musical talents and upbeat personality.

Photo credit- Jacki Sackhiem

Featured Member May 2013

Kris Searle

Kris SearleThis month’s featured Member artist is singer/songwriter Kris Searle. Kris is a recording artist who originated from Herne Bay, a seaside town in Kent, South East England. Here, Searle was recognized for his vocal talents. After his parents gave him a guitar at the age of 15, he then picked up piano and drums, which are all used in his writing process. After studying music, dance and theater in college he found himself as the lead singer of the band called, Delphic Oracle. Now as a solo artist, he is known worldwide for his music in the electropop genre. His modern Synthpop sound along with a Glam rock feel combines for an alluring and electrifying sound. He has been compared to artists like, David Gray, Jewel and Depeche Mode.

Searle, a man inspired by natural feelings, derives his ideas from greater emotions like love and anguish. One of his main influences is singer Jewel. Searle says, “Like her, I write with my heart and every single song that I write is a period of great emotion in my life.” The emotions he feels when writing inspire him throughout the songwriting process.
As for current success, his latest track from his second album Dawn of Momentum already has 5 remixes and is a UK radio hit, frequented on over 20 FM stations. "StarFire," which can be viewed on YouTube is a song about how the emotion of love ties everything in the universe together one way or another. The video, directed by Rik Argent, is an artistic and visually stunning feat, a must see! His upcoming track "I Won't Change For Anyone" will be recorded at The House of Rock, a private Santa Monica Mansion that inspires people, artists and partners to support charities. House of Rock allows Kris along with other Blue Microphone artists to record in their aesthetically pleasing space. His brand new single 'Veins,' which was co-produced by Micah Banes and recorded at The House of Rock,  will be released May 19th, with a launch party by his label Inspire U Records. You can pick up a free copy of the single by attending the show at 7:30 PM in the Hollowbody lounge at the infamous Viper Room on the sunset strip.
Kris has been recognized for many achievements in music. He is a 9 time LA Music Award nominee with 5 wins, a Vh1 songwriter and Indie record label owner. He is now venturing into more songwritings for other artists as well as constantly producing his own original music.
You can stream his music on his website. Other features of his website include links to download his music, view photos, view lyrics, stay updated on news and events, subscribe to his newsletter, and even buy merchandise. Also follow Kris on his social networks, Facebook and Twitter.